An app-based entry portal designed to eliminate web and paper-based entries.
Enter multiple events from one application.


Is a simple once-off entry process that connects the user with events and payment of events.

Features of RaceTracker

You are RaceTracker - this is an application based on your lifestyle, your location, your information, your events.

Modern Design

Simple and easy to navigate App design.

Search, Locate and Enter a Race

User friendly icons to help search for events, enter and locate events.

Team Entries

Team entries are easy to set-up with RaceTracker. Entering for a team mate or an entire group is made easy, with our Team entry payment. You enter and pay for that team event. Share the team code with another RaceTracker user. The code gets used in RaceTracker to claim their entry.

Gathers Information

RaceTracker gradually builds a bigger picture of who you are with the more events you enter.

Race Information

Request pre-loaded race packs within the event of your choice. You’ll receive all the relevant information about the event via email. Never lose this info again.

Navigate to an Event

Use the in App feature to navigate to your next event. No more worrying about how to get there.

History of Races and Events Entered

Central location of all races entered.

Future Features of RaceTracker

Unique RaceTracker features we plan to add in future updates.

Easy to Customise

From user to event organiser, the RaceTracker App is easy to customise.

Geographic Event Location

Set your races or events to display via geographic location.

Trophy Cabinet

Every race you enter you will receive a unique digital RaceTracker trophy. Ability to track your personal best times.

Race Wallet

Storing of information such as timing chip numbers.

Suggests Events in your Area

RaceTracker even suggests upcoming events in your area.

Download the RaceTracker App

RaceTracker is available on iPhone and Android.

RaceTracker Team

We are passionate about bringing simplicity to your life

Contact RaceTracker

If you are interested in hosting an event through RaceTracker, please feel free to contact us by phone, email or filling out the form below.